Al Saqr Water Supply And Slides

Quality And Puriety Is What We Deliver đź’§

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The Dolphin water slide

We Provide Water Slides For Rental

Size : Lenght 11m - Width 5m - Hieght 7m

Price : 1200 AED Per Day

Our Mission :

Our mission is to provide efficient, effective, and reliable water and wastewater utility services in a manner that respects the natural environment .

Our Vision :

To manage our organization and water resources to meet evolving regulaar requirements, water supply needs and customer expectations in the future.

Our Values :

Service: Our core purpose is to provide our customers with safe and reliable water and wastewater services, in compliance with regulatory requirements. We strive to treat every customer fairly and respectfully, and to address their needs quickly and effectively, both within the District’s service area and for those customers who are served through contract operations.

The Yellow Sunshine

Sizes : Lenght 10 m -Width 5 m - Hieght 8 m

Price : 1500 AED per Day

The Rainbow Slide

Sizes : Lenght 11m - Width 6 m - Hieght 8 m

Price : 1700 AED Per Day

the Blue lake

Sizes:Lenght 12 m -Width 15m - Hieght 10 m

Price : 2000 AED Per Day

We Also Provide Water For Swimming pools

We Supply In Defferent Quantities According To Your Needs !!!

We Supply In 2000 And 3000 USG


We Provide Water For Land Scapes Aswell

Construction Sites

We Also Provide Water For Construction Sites

Drinking Water

We Provide Drinking Water For Labour Camps

2000 USG Tanker

3000 USG Tanker